Saturday, December 4, 2010

When the man weeps...

Somehow it awes me acutely when I see a dignified man weeping in front of me. For some reasons it’s commonly discerned that masculine tears do not simply shed in public!

However, I have witnessed two abrupt reactions that still remain vivid in my memory. The first, when I was still freshmen or almost sophomore. During asking my professor some questions; he got a phone call, after he ended his call which did not exceed several minutes with limited and countable words like “yes, aha, okay then goodbye” he gasped his pen silently trying to explain the question I asked. While he was clearing my question, gradually his voice was getting stifled then suddenly his eyes rolled with tears. His ability to speak totally ceased. Somehow his miserable state and the way he sniveled dismayed me.

“Well, I got it now, thank you sir I have no more questions” I calmly said. He nodded once as to say you can go. Then I left the place swiftly in a state of bewilderment with achy heart. The next day we heard that his brother passed away.

The second, was utterly not anticipated which occurred couple of days ago after a long debate with my uncle. Actually he is political man with utterly serious and choosy personality but on the opposite he is such kindhearted person. However, the main reason behind our debate is that he was upset with me.

” For some reasons I’m really upset with you” My uncle firmly said.

” What is the reason behind upsetting you?” I demanded in a shock.

“First of all; listen to me dear, if you’re not dear to me I won’t tell you that” he said.

“Sure” I nodded preparing myself for the next.

“Well; since I traveled out of the country I did not get even one phone call from you, I spent almost one month there, why?” he said sedately.

“Besides you know that I have never ever upset you even by hint” he added.

I was listening to him while he was talking hoping that my reasons can persuade him.

“ Well, believe me I always ask my family about you, plus once you told that the spiritual connection is better than phone calls as long as you’re alright; I get all your news daily so no need to disturb you during your business trip I think” I said in a low voice.

He stared at me as my justifications are not persuasive enough as I don’t really care.

“Hmmm….” My uncle said shaking his head slowly from side to side.

” Uh my dear uncle; you don’t know how much I love you and how much I care about you. You’re like my father; you mean a lot to me. Everyone knows that you’re mostly strict but what I believe in is that you’re such tenderhearted. You’re one of the most beautiful parts in my life. I stated impulsively.

“The transparency in the way you expressed your feelings made me speechless” he said surprisingly.

However, when I peeked into him I glimpsed his eyes red and almost in tears. He was looking away from me so that he let his tears dry within before they disheartens him and shed down.

Subconsciously tears filled my eyes too; after I marveled at his first emotional respond I’ve never seen before.

That moment I was thinking about something to break the silence which ruled the atmosphere.

Suddenly my sister came telling me I got a phone call (Thank God). I looked at him to ask if I can go. He nodded at me silently.

To be honest, I left the place smiling with great ease telling myself that people around me are right when they say that I respond unpredictably sometimes but finally I saw your tears mighty man!

The next day I was waiting attentively to hear my uncle’s usual gossips about how we both responded; but he did not tell anybody till now neither me.

What I’m sure about; when it comes to his valuable masculine tears he will never ever say. But the thing that I still did not understand yet; why men feel it’s ashamed when their tears dropped for a serious reason; why they deny their sympathy and prefer facing the world rigidly evermore?

I abhor the tears when the reason behind shedding them is something ridiculous. But it’s fine when we disburden our heads and express what we feel simply.

To my uncle; thank you for your supportive words I’m eternally grateful, and thank you for your faith on me. Love you my dearest uncle.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm a birthday girl

Here I came saying cheerily “Happy Birthday To Me”; wishing myself having a marvelous year suffused with merriness and mighty success.

A funny quote just popped into my mind during writing says: “The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” :D

Wondering why ladies mostly obsessed by staying younger ever more!:D

P.S. To Stay Young Keep Growing Old Gracefully. ;)

best regards

Friday, October 15, 2010

The art of criticism

The anguish in his face looks as raw as it should have felt what always bothers him as he allows the harsh criticizing words he almost daily hears to bob to the surface briefly, before pushing them back down. He attempts to keep what annoyed him and break it by jokes, after listening to his complaints and grumbling in his usual funny tone we both burst laughing.

This is my brother, who utterly got resented when my mother calls him whenever he stays out late.

He says her discourteous way of criticizing him after answering her calls makes him as a joke in front of his peers; and the hilarious thing is he told me they all are treated exactly the same by their mothers and getting phone calls is like hell.

Not only that but his next session is waiting for him immediately when he gets back home so that she criticizes his irresponsibility toward himself and his frivolity etc...

The matter is he does not understand why she usually does that and on the opposite side she does not have a clue that she is criticizing not advising him. I’ve tried repeatedly to explain to them both. But I talked, to no avail.

However criticizing is an art that we must be aware of. And it has good and bad impact which depends on the accent during talking. There is a good way that we can criticize our beloveds and people around us that turn the disapproval to constructive criticism and then positive outcomes appear.

Of course, people do not accept any criticism when they take it personally or even when they got criticized in public or around people even close ones.

I refuse criticizing when I found it worthless. I’ve always found it somehow too complicated for me to refuse my parents criticism. It’s hard to change their solid grasps of thoughts and it's so hard to use the word "no" when they speak. Although somehow I believe that criticizing profoundly benefits us and any clue is subject to change with fruitful outcomes.

However what I'm attempting to reach is how to handle criticism! How could you accept criticism by close ones like parents? When you put the limits of criticism so you cease any criticizer? When you start criticizing and when you just cease it? And what kind of criticism benefits you profoundly in life if there is any superb impact?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back to hell

This picture has been taken by me. It’s a simple gift  my school girl sister got it from her friend before school starts to welcome her back to school by her unique way!

The moment I read what’s written on the small card " back to hell " I opened my eyes widely then we all burst giggling, what a naughty girl!

I know how it feels when the bells keep ringing *back to school *. At our schools very few number of the competent teachers who like their job and do their job faithfully. Unfortunately the first and last aim of most of them is taking SALARY every month.

Recently I had never met a child told me that s/he loves the school neither adolescent. Somehow that peeved me but that is the truth. To wit, that mess is absolutely against Islam!

However, I had read once about the power of belief and how it shapes our actions and makes lasting changes in our lives marvelously. The writer talked about one great leader who impressed me. She is a TEACHER; she made a real difference in children’s lives, because she has a passionate deep-rooted conviction way that impacts her students for good.

The writer visited her school so that he interviewed one of her students. He interviewed a boy around four years old. The boy believes in such great clues that really stunned me. During the interview the boy said the most important thing he learned from his teacher is “The society may predict, but only he will determine his destiny”!

He owned beliefs that his teacher permeated in their souls beautifully. And I guarantee him and all his class mates’ bright future.

I wonder if there are teachers in our nations who make great impacts in students’ lives instead of compelling them to despise schools and let them pass through psychological wars ended with antipathy towards school and backward societies.

During my life time in school I have seen so many bad examples of teachers who really need two things “reeducation plus psychiatrist” to amend their personal problems.

Don’t know what on earth is wrong with teachers! If they don’t like their job why don’t they just resign to shift the burden from students’ shoulders instead of practicing violence and spreading their mental diseases like irremediable cancerous cells!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My inner whispers!

From within me to dear Me!
Dear Rationality, keep cleansing your heart by worshiping and staying close to Allah. Fill your heart with warmth and love. I know you keep saying life is enigmatic and you can’t get people. Just accept people as they are. Sometimes we people can’t get changed. Accept people’s apologies, give people chances to talk, listen to them, and help them whenever they need you. Stay away from recent era diseases like antipathy, envy and grudge; that would blind you totally!

Dear Rationality it’s not abnormal to get frustrated for a while. Who hasn’t anyhow? However the key is not to get so deep in grief, it will cease you pursuing your dreams. Just let your destiny takes you wherever it goes as long as you do your best; and you are under Allah almighty mercy so, don’t annoy yourself thinking anymore!

*Remember dear that grumbling and complaining yields you Nothing so be stronger and more patient to overcome life’s obstacles.

Dear Rationality, life is precious gift and life’s odyssey is limited; it must have some obstacles which might stumble you. That is absolutely normal but the succeed people are the ones who learn how to take the advantage of any situation considering it as a new lesson. So enjoy every moment while you still breathing. Keep dreaming, keep laughing and smiling. Be yourself the optimistic girl who I always know. As you know the sweet days can never come back again, just focus on present and enjoy yourself.
And yes, don’t ever think that confronting me is an act of madness, to wit, I know you somehow believe that there is no great genius without some touch of madness. So please keep the solid grasp of superb values and beliefs you have.

With deepest love, truly Your inner whispers :)

P.S I wore the words above since almost one year ago, and a friend of mine ecouraged me to post them after I got hesitated to free them in here. Thanks a lot my dear friend :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Satisfaction Brings Happiness!

Our existence in life leads us to take the charge of our aims, beliefs and feelings in order to amend the process of our lives. We try doing our best to alter the negative outcomes to simply reach happiness in other word “satisfaction”.

We all have our dreams hence; we believe in ourselves that we have special abilities or gifts which can touch others in unique way so we can make the world better place.

After a deep thinking about plenty of things that I’m highly aiming at, I asked myself the following questions:
Am I satisfied? When I still aiming at several things; does it mean that I’m not satisfied so I considered being unhappy person?
Does happiness related to satisfaction? And is it imperative that we ask: Does happiness come to the ones who own satisfaction? Or it’s just satisfaction with what we all own so we can be happy?
That time I got a certain degree of bewilderment; how come I consider myself happy but still not satisfied? :)

To many, money is a basic component of owing the happiness and satisfaction. People hit the summit of happiness when they just own precious and luxury stuffs!

In fact, we human beings have the instinct of desiring more and more so the materialistic things soon become ordinary after we get them. Therefore, we keep looking for new things to feel what we expect as satisfaction… We are greedy don’t we!

Eventually I got two simple queries :)
- What is happiness and satisfaction on your point of view?
- Suppose the time is reserved, so you have the chance to change your lifestyle. Would you re-plan the events of your life in order to achieve the satisfaction? Or you will just stick to the same kind of life?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Phones are source of germs!

Mobiles are pretty important. With time they become one of the most necessary things people extremely use daily. A new study in UK shows that mobiles carries 18 times more harmful germs than flush handle and lavatory seats in WCs! The tests show one of the mobiles has such high level of bacteria which could make a serious stomach upset to its owner!

It said the level of the harmful bacteria inhabited in phones were off scale. That phones needs STERELIZING.

The study showed that there were more than 18 different types of bacteria which are:

- Enterobacteria: a group of bacteria which live in lower intestine level.

- Bugs such as Salmonella.

- Faecal conliforms: a group of bacteria associated with human waste.

- Food poisoning bugs like E.coli and staphylococcus aureus but those found at a safe levels.

*Besides the study shows that some computer keyboards have more harmful bacteria that lavatory seats! YUCK

Well I’m sort of obsessed by sterilizing my hands from time to time and whenever I had training in the hospital I keep the sterilizer close to me so I can keep cleaning at the whole time I spend there . Besides I don’t think that we Muslims carries that huge number of germs and bacteria as long as we wash our hands, ears and faces five times per day in order to pray and sometimes more than five. To me it’s not that accurate study while it depends on the person cleanness but it's weird cuz it is more Contaminated than lavatory seats!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Words ultimate power!

Words… They have been used to communicate between human beings since long time ago. They make us laugh and make us cry. They make us sick and make us fine. They have the power to heal the spiritual wounds inside. They have the power to kill and make us alive!

Words… have the power to not only make emotional frenzy but they generate great actions. By using words great people have been made. Words are just a magical ultimate power that we can’t see but we can feel…

Despite of knowing how we get influenced by words but sometimes we use them negatively!
I witnessed a fight between two people who I know. The fight started with arguing but it ended in full-fledged rage … each one of them was saying so harsh words that were really sharp. I was listening silently and just looking at them without uttering even one word…

However, when people got irritated they just look like they got possessed by demons! They look like utter devil in humans shape with really bad deeds! But why!
In Islam our prophet Mohammed PBUH said we ought to change our posture whenever we get mad in order to calm down. And if that does not work we have to make *wodho’* (It is Islamic way to wash our organs before praying to make our bodies pure).
Why *wodho’*? Because Satan was created by fire and nothing can cease fire except the water!

I’m wondering why we give Satan the chance to possess us over and over again. Does that make us comfortable? Or we are just so weak so we can’t control ourselves? Where is the self-control? I’m not saying that I don’t get mad ever but after I do, I found myself full of regret and feel like I’m a tiny creature coz I failed in controlling myself even if I’m not mistaken.

Once I had read an article about how could we manage our temper, there are so many ways to but there is one way I found kinda ridiculous which tells one of the best ways to cease getting mad is convincing the person you’re talking to. Don’t you think that method is impossible sometimes? I’ve met so many stubborn and ignorant people who just don’t want to understand or even listen during any conversation whenever they are disagree!

Regardless of what had been written above my question is: do you believe in the power of words? And if you do what would be your respond if someone close attack you by sharp words?

Kind regards..

Monday, May 31, 2010

Weird attitude!

I found this hilarious video on youtube about the former US president Gorge Bosh.

It shows how superficial and rude he is! Dunno how he spent that long time as a president!

Here we go…

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life's Melody

In life we pass through many moments which make us happy and sometimes disenchanted with life. But I realized even sorrow could be sweet sometimes cuz without sorrow we won’t appreciate how the taste of happiness is sweet! Here I post other marvelous words which captivated me:

“”Life is like a piano; White keys are happy moments & Black keys are sad moments. But remember both are played together to give sweet ~melodies~””

So sweet and positive words…Those words show the harmony between sorrow and happiness moments Allah the almighty created!
And here is one of my favorite melodies:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another social crime

Today I come across after a friend of mine told me a tragic story happened in a hospital. She said she witnessed a married woman got beaten by her husband cruelly, and that left her arm broken and one of her ribs plus the dark red bruises he left over her face and rest of her body! That all happened to her cuz she asked him why you are late! After we finished our conversation I was in a shock for a while! How come a man beat his wife!

Another story I’ve heard before, it’s about a married woman who no longer feels safe in her home. She was beaten by her husband, although they were estranged, and her body was scarred after her injuries which had meant emergency medical attention.

She escaped to her parent’s home and her friends told her she must contact the police – for assistance and to lodge the formal complaint against her husband. Her friends tried to convince her that it’s the only way to make him understand the seriousness of his crime and to force him to control his anger.

But the problem is her family did not want their dirty linen exposed in public. They forced their daughter to keep the matter private, hoping that her husband would see sense. Her father and her brothers pledged that they would visit and talk to him.

This case is common. Women choosing not to speak up against the abuse they have suffered for fear of divorced, losing their children and being of neighborhood gossips!

Recently there are so many people suffering from the domestic violence and it became a contemporary issue which deficiency of passion during childhood is considered the matter of prime importance behind this crime. It somehow affects negatively on people for long extent, especially when the person had been exposed to beaten since his/her childhood.

The problem is those people take their bad memories and concepts about violence with them after marriage, consequently they think they have the right to beat their wives, and others see it’s a normal when a husband beat his wife or vice versa because they coexisted with such situations.

Nowadays people considered the domestic violence a crime against the society. It includes any physical and sexual abuse as well verbal violence and threats. And it has various aspects and affects any one irrespective of age, social background, gender, physical strength, or education. It could happen between spouses and among member of the related family.

The problem is social reasons cannot be overlooked. And there are so many reasons behind the domestic violence against women but I considered the misinterpretation of the religious concept of man’s control over domestic affairs. Some ignorant men believe this to be linked to the controlling of the wife by the husband, while in reality; it means looking after the wife and fulfilling her needs.

In UAE, Dubai foundation for women and children is active in protection victims of domestic violence and they accept people who seek refuge and who got burden from the maltreatment...

I don’t really think that would solve this problem. I mean for how long they would support those victims? Besides the tragic days they had been through would left a negative impact which yields the same previous stories over and over again.

Don’t you think they just push themselves to the edge with tragic consequences? They are humiliating and feeling unsafe at their homes, what are homes for other than feeling safe and happy in? I dunno but dignity is something that we can’t live without, it’s related to make us happy and satisfy human beings. Allah legitimate the divorce cuz sometimes marriage makes people get disenchanted with life, however Allah knows what is the best and sometimes divorce is the best solution at such cases.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is it our nature!

Good morning/evening;

While I was roaming in the web I found out the following comic; somehow I liked it cuz I found it funny and realistic at the same time, that’s why I come across to drop it in...
Here we go

We all humans are ungrateful, mostly we do not appreciate the graces and gifts we own, we keep looking for the best and that is normal, but the problem is we often prefer what others have more than what we have! I’m wondering when we will be more Thankful!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

offensive advice!

Couple of days ago I went to the mall with my family; it was around 5:00 PM. When it was almaghrib prayer time, we all approached to the prayer room to not miss the prayer. When I was there beside the room doorstep there was a lady who does not look Arabian standing there with her adorable kids who got my attention for a while. We both entered the room at the same time, the place there was congested and that somehow made me got relief. Anyway she left her children at the back of the room then she started praying beside me. When she got started praying her younger kid started weeping intensively by way which muddled up the whole place. After we all over and done with praying, one aggressive lady started to shout in a terrible and fury way saying “where on earth is the mother of this kid?” His mother hurried on and caught her kid to shush him. While she was trying to calm him down, that irritated lady came closer to her and said in barbarian tone “ hay you lady don’t ever bring your noisy children in here again we could not even focus, stay at your home and pray there but not in here”. The mother of the kid did not reply she just kept silent with a big shock. That poor lady did not even understand what she said, she is not Arabian but she read the anger tone in her face and voice it was extremely vivid.

At least she has to respect the holy place she is in I think! Is that a way to dispense a foreigner advice? Does it because that lady does not belong to the area so she has the right to treat her cruelly? Does it because she is suffering from the lack of self-esteem so that push her to tyrannize the poor lady who she feels somehow she has the power on her? Unfortunately mostly people who dispense advices are ignorant even the erudite people sometimes can’t handle their anger tone when they advice someone close!

That is not away to advice someone it’s absolutely rejected in Islam. When it comes to giving advice I consider what she did just offensive and stupid speech. Actually I got resented by what I saw. People do not understand what the real Islam is; they just keep worshiping without any value principle forgetting that ((Our Islam is not only dogma and worship but it’s also ethics and dealing well with people)). We are all familiar with that story of the man who got heaven cuz he fed a dog. Our religion resembles mercy for every single creature. But still people do not understand our Islam. I’m still in bewilderment looking for a solution makes people more informative to dispense and accept advices!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Couple to appeal public kissing verdict in Dubai:

A couple who claimed they kissed on the cheek in a restaurant while under the influence of alcohol faces one month in jail and deportation.

An Emirati woman raised a complaint against a 24-year-old British man, who works in Dubai, and a 25-year-old woman, visiting from the UK. Because they broking rules by touching and kissing each other on lips in public. The lady said what they did pissed her off because her children were there and they saw that disrespectful scene in the restaurant around 2 am. After she called the police telling them what happened. The couple claimed they kissed on the cheek under the influence of alcohol. Now they face one month in jail and deportation. The couple will appear before the Appeals Court next week, seeking acquittal or reduction of the primary judgment.

I think they deserved this punishment even if it’s sort of harsh because we all got annoyed when we see such scenes in publics. That makes kids stare at them and send them a message which does not belong to neither our areas nor our religion it’s like saying “it’s okay to do such immortal attitude anywhere as you like as long you think it’s good”. That message could ruin our societies. Our religion and habits did not teach us such crap. Those behaves teach them abhorred deeds. I wish that punishment be like a respectful message which everyone appreciates and a red line that that no one else crosses again. Hope this couple is considered as a moral anyway. It’s nice to be advanced country having so many different inhabited nationalities but without forsaken our principles and religion. Each country has its own habits and beliefs which should be respected by any dweller.
Do you think they deserve acquittal or even reduction? Should we be more lax with them? Do you think what couple did is normal behave and they have the right to do whatever they do in their countries?

Monday, March 15, 2010


Our Arabian countries are lagged in every useful and great field. The freedom of expression and democracy do not exist. Satisfaction of ego is dominant. The percentage of the illiterates is the highest in our regions. Almost half of Arab women still cannot read or write! Our Productivity is declining. Researches and development are nonexistent or just so weak. Science and technology are dormant.

Our valuable and absolutely genuine language is getting worthless. The translations of foreign books into Arabic lag far behind figures in the rest of the world: five times more books are translated every year in Greek whereas they are just 11 million. Only 53 newspapers per 1,000 citizens are published daily in the region, in the contrast, 285 papers per 1,000 people in the developed nations, and there are just 18 computers per 1,000 citizens in the Arab world, as compared to the global average of 78 per 1,000.

We are still standing at the same level nothing new deserves mentioning nothing have been achieved during previous decades. We are like living in a light but with totally closed eyes. We own everything physical but without high spirits. Our societies are just like bodies without souls, heads without brains.

We got burdened from silly and vicious clashes between us like the regional war on Saudi Arabia boarders and Yemen, football matches conflicts which generate antipathy between our nations. The heavy rains made our streets just like piles of dust; Egyptians keep authorizing kind of funny and silly fatwas to serve their desires. We are inheriting traditions more than our religion. We are still living in an apartheid era.

We are incompetent to have a control and solution even in our countries. The Palestinian issue is still transforming from bad situation to the worst and it’s like that issue is out of our hands.We did not object the name that got attached on us” The Third World Countries”. We just keep consuming more than producing, we still have lack in access to the knowledge, and we do not appreciate and support great minds like what advanced nations do awarding “noble Prize”. Their success just speaks for itself, they pursuit of their goals by astoundingly and impressive professional ways.We inhabit in absolute stagnation! There are no justifications for what we are in. We have everything, the best religion, great principles, great minds, wealth …ect but unfortunately no achievements.

I’m wondering what the main reason of our backwardness is? Is it because people just start getting away from our Islamic religion? Does imitating the negative side in advanced nations and moving wherever the wind blows plays a rule in our backwardness reason? Could we suppose the rejection of any constructive criticizing to satisfy our ego a main reason? I always wonder what is behind depriving us from our rights what’s wrong in making demonstration against any new verdict! Why our politics can’t hear us like any other countries do! Why any kind of demonstration is just rejected plus the demonstrator cruelly berated to make that kind of hard treatment as a moral so no one can object or speak anymore? Should we blame our silence or it’s just out of our hands? Could we do something worthy one day?

Wish we get the days of the Islamic prosperity progressiveness back one day and wish we named soon something much better than either Third World Countries or even advanced nations something that means the ability to change the world to the best so it just stop that absolute farce.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life is enigmatic!

When I was a child I used to see life from another direction which made life so simple and colorful. I thought life is always sweet and pretty and people stay honest and cohesive during their surviving in this world. But when I got older it seems the picture I drew of life was not completed coz it lacked the most monumental colors which are black and grey. And it gets harder and harder with time especially when it comes with dealing with people. Actually I love the life and I’m satisfied by what Allah gave me whether it’s, family, skills, gifts, friends, knowledge, money …ect, and I appreciate them all Thank GOD.

But sometimes I feel like life is really enigmatic. I don’t mean the life itself but people who I’m living and dealing with. People, who are part of my life, people who I have to deal with daily.
Unfortunately sometimes I can’t get along with people who I use to deal with. They make life more complicated and mysterious. They cover themselves under grey color and hide their faces under pretty masks. It’s really hard to me to get them and know what they really want. And what makes me get frustrated is when I try to satisfy them but they don’t appreciate it even by a ward Thank You. Well, I am not constraint to please them all even if they are my friends or my kins while, they keep doing unacceptable deeds intentionally or whatever. I’ve nothing to do with people who lost their minds sentiments.

I am wondering and keep asking why that is? There is no need to be hypocrites or liers. People who are doing that are fooling themselves but they still do not aware of their stupidity. No need to act like they are fine and perfect if they have anything annoyed them they can just say it. Why don’t people make everything clearer to simplify dealing with them and get off their masks!
It makes me feel frustrated when I could not understand people. That’s why I need to stay away from people for a while sometimes, especially those superficial humans, to take a breath and rest my mind. I don’t know if I’m mistaken or that is the right way of dealing with people if I got confused I just ignore them without censures and reproach coz they will not appreciated it.

Nevertheless I insist life is still pretty but it needs more patience and dominant manners, so far still waters run deep. May Allah give me and all people the strength to consummate the life.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Secret

The secret is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It achieved high sales and it reached the top of New York Times best sellers. The secret is a spiritual and self-help book written by Rhonda Byrne. It gives the reader a shove to be optimistic and positive invariably regardless of the obstacles that reader facing. It shows the reader how to focus on every positive thing around and keep them in mind, and exercises the readers how to be forward looking humans, how to put a certain target in mind and never renounce it. It explains in simplicity the law of governing the all lives and how to create a joyful life by getting your whole targets.

Honestly what makes me like this book is while I’m reading every part of it; it reminded me by our Holy Quran and our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Sunnah quotes. It exercises the reader to keep praising Allah and how to be graceful servant. I liked it when the book says there is nothing impossible whereas the human has a real faith. It says that we have to thank GOD every time while we are still breathing. Hence there is nothing new and nothing strange in this book. It is really worthy so don’t hesitate to read and enjoy it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dubai is up against the wall!

Unfortunately Almabhoh assassination ( may GOD rest his soul in peace) is a familiar foul event that occurred in Dubai and made a global mess. People all were wondering about those professional killers who GOD knows their purpose of killing him in Dubai especially. Dubai police made great appreciated efforts that leads them to the suspect names who were involved in that mission and their DNAs as well.

Dubai police declare… Those people who had been involved in the assassination had been watched by the cameras which recorded their movements at the hotel close to the Victim’s room. And that operation did not offend Dubai only but also the suspects countries” as the Officer’s said in flew off handle tone.

My question is what is their target of killing him in Dubai? And why does Dubai targeted by them? If they really targeted Dubai... Why did they insult Dubai by underestimating the capabilities that such city has? Is that all to make Dubai goes through another new crisis by ruining its safety reputation? Does their jealousy blind their eyes that much, so that made them fool themselves globally? Did not they think about the consequences that they are being through now at least!!!

Wish Dubai police efforts turn over a new leaf of those bastards and get the killers, to put that in their consideration and give a lesson for other terrorists to not even think to mess with our country and any other peaceful countries. May Allah bless and protect you Dubai.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Old little boy!

Thank GOD
We are part of one society what hurt others hurt us as well. We are all like one hand sharing the life with its sweet and sad moments. Learning form others mistakes and experiences. Taking the messages of life from others good and bad deeds. That’s the way of ball bounces. Straight from the shoulder I’m here to say a fascinated scene and tragic at the same time that I’ve seen.

Couple of days ago I went to the clinic to make my RCT session. On our way we passed through a petrol station and there I saw a little boy (if can I say that) he is about 12 years old. He was there selling car’s medals which carry some of Holy Quran quotes.

In fact when I saw him it was like I saw a mature man in a little boy appearance that the brutality and cruelty of his life eliminated the countenance of innocence outta his face. I kept looking at him attentively while he was passing between cars offering his simple commodity for cars riders without boredom or tedium.

While he passed through us I slipped the car’s window down to have a chance to talk to him. When he was there I took a quick peep at him again he looks serious and rational boy. I asked him about the goods he has. Then I purchased more than one medal regardless of my unneeded to them.

My curiosity pushed me to ask him what does constrain him to work. Although he is still kid and he has the right to enjoy his time playing, or whatever like any other kid. He said his parents are jobless plus his father is diabetic and has cardiac disease so, he is not even able to get work cuz of his health circumstances. That’s why nobody can outlay their family except him and his brother. May Allah bless and protect you little guy... What a tough life you are facing and what a devoted boy you are!

My point of narrating the scene is showing my admiration toward this little old boy. Besides blaming myself when I face a little obstacle in contrary side with (what those people are going through) making it complicated by contradictory negative feelings which unfortunately reflect the vulnerable although I having marvelous life in compare. Not only me but also many other people, who keep grumbling about their life and claiming that life is complicated, forgotten the innumerable gifts they have…

Here what I can only say is “Thank you GOD" Thank you for your infinite generosity and your kindness. Thank you for every unappreciated gifts you conferred and we denied. Thank you for the precious and thrive life you awarded...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

How great is our GOD

Hand OF Hope!

This picture should be considered as the Picture of the Year, or maybe the Picture of the Decade as Jason said in a great things site. We probably will never see it. The picture is that of a 21-week-old unborn baby named Samuel Alexander, who is being operated on by a surgeon named Joseph Bruner.

The baby was diagnosed with spina bifida and would not survive if he got taken outta his mother's uterus. The baby's mother is an obstetrics nurse. She knew of Dr. Bruner's remarkable surgical procedure and he performs these special operations while the baby is still in the womb.

During the procedure, the doctor removes the uterus via C-section and makes a small incision to operate on the baby. During the surgery on baby, the little guy reached his tiny, but fully developed, hand through the incision and firmly grasped the surgeon's finger.

The photographer captured this moment while the surgeon got amazed for moments when that tiny hand of hope firmly grasped his finger... It was like the little guy gave him a handshake to thank him for the gift of life. Hence the editors titled the stupendous picture, "Hand of Hope."
It’s really staggering picture and we would not ever see an amazing picture like that for decade. It shows us how our GOD is great and how life is precious gift.

My first post

Finally I’ve emitted my blog. To me start blogging is like facing a dilemma. Thinking of this start took a long time after a friend of mine encouraged me to open my own liberty page.
Actually I enjoyed reading others blogs more than writing.I prefer taking a look at people understanding frame, follow up people’s different interests, thoughts, cultures and diaries. Look through how do people think and how do they express their sentiment about definite topics without being inclined to any side. But what urged me to take this step is getting fascinated with many different notions. Reading so many striking blogs belongs to erudite writers and other many informative and creative blogs here and there.
And I’m here as amateurish blogger sharing you my thoughts, carefulness and dreams as a broad-minded and rational person. Hence let’s declare solidarity of our thoughts and different cultures and dispose of our teasers in our union virtual area.