Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dubai is up against the wall!

Unfortunately Almabhoh assassination ( may GOD rest his soul in peace) is a familiar foul event that occurred in Dubai and made a global mess. People all were wondering about those professional killers who GOD knows their purpose of killing him in Dubai especially. Dubai police made great appreciated efforts that leads them to the suspect names who were involved in that mission and their DNAs as well.

Dubai police declare… Those people who had been involved in the assassination had been watched by the cameras which recorded their movements at the hotel close to the Victim’s room. And that operation did not offend Dubai only but also the suspects countries” as the Officer’s said in flew off handle tone.

My question is what is their target of killing him in Dubai? And why does Dubai targeted by them? If they really targeted Dubai... Why did they insult Dubai by underestimating the capabilities that such city has? Is that all to make Dubai goes through another new crisis by ruining its safety reputation? Does their jealousy blind their eyes that much, so that made them fool themselves globally? Did not they think about the consequences that they are being through now at least!!!

Wish Dubai police efforts turn over a new leaf of those bastards and get the killers, to put that in their consideration and give a lesson for other terrorists to not even think to mess with our country and any other peaceful countries. May Allah bless and protect you Dubai.

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BuJ said...

sadly a lot of talk has been said about this and nothing much has been done after releasing the video.

just a thought, why do emaratis need visas for all western countries and yet the same countries expect to be welcomed here without visas?

if these criminals at least had visas, then catching them would be easier.

on the other hand, although those responsible have not been caught, they have been hugely embarrased. no one expected dubai to publish a length video of the affair and so on.. this is great and i hope that we hear results soon.

Rationality said...

I always wonder how on earth our country allows them to come across without visas! That is dangerous and anyone can do any frivolous and insane deeds without recognizing who he/she is. Wish they put that point in consideration it will support safety at the end. Besides there is no point behind this exaggerated trust for them.

What Dubai police is doing is just a waste of time in compare if we assumed those criminals have visas. But at least as you said Dubai police got the video and no one expected that, it considered a great job cuz they are dealing with anonymous group of criminals. Wish they keep such great job up.
Thanks for your comment BuJ

BuJ said...

thank you Rationality.. i commend you on your excellent blog :)

Rationality said...

You are welcome BuJ... It's my pleasure :)

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