Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mystery Of Life Curve!

Life is a marvelous odyssey that shaped in a mysterious curve which everything passes over. At the end of the odyssey nothing stays but only the immortal imprints that solely great people laid behind in history successfully.

Accordingly, I’ve been meditating the life’s curve for a while over and over again in purpose of figuring out something ambiguous to me. I couldn’t cease these thoughts and I don’t know if this curve involves one of the universal laws or there are some hidden facts and exceptions somewhere.

However, it seems that everything in life passes through peak then oddly somehow descended down to the bottom bit by bit ended by absolute disappearance.
For instance; at the middle of the day the sun hits its peak of strength, it strongly illuminates the sky then gradually losing its light and heat!
The moon, we catch the sight of it while it beautifully enlightening the sky in the middle of the month and then it gradually reshaped to crescent until it just disappears.
We humans reach our utter strength (physically and mentally) at the middle of our ages (the youth age) soon after we gradually get weaken.

The ancient great civilizations as well, went over the top of prosperity and advancement but where are those great civilizations power at present?
As follows, the Islamic civilization went along the height of progress too, but look where is it at the status qou.

Another vivid example “The United States”, it presided the entire world for long time undisputedly with perfect strength in different fields (economically, politically, scientifically...etc) and now it’s declining down gradually because of the financial crisis which it suffers from severely, though its unstoppable attempts to pull itself together and grab the global lordship tightly as before. However, some political analyzers recently said this catastrophic economical crisis will affect on U.S economy and soon after its global control inevitably.

On the other side “China” which has been supposed as a progressing country is strongly nominated to lead the world after U.S because of its excellent economical system which is growing amazingly. So it’s the time for it to hit the summit of advancement!
However, the matter is, when some reach the summit somehow others oddly decline! And as everything incredibly hits the peak it ended at the bottom eventually.

Accordingly, the previous thoughts provoked several wonders in my mind which are: Is there another peak after declining to the bottom eventually? And based on that do you think there is another peak quietly waiting for our Islamic civilization as the sun and moon cycle? Is it possible for us humans or governments to staying steadily on the peak without facing any struggles that may push us back to the bottom? Do you think U.S has the ability to surpass the economical crisis and ascend up back to its usual universal dominion? Do you think a country like China would have the chance to lead the world to the best one day? And finally do you enhance your mental skills in order to stay at the summit of youth (mentally) for longer?