Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm flattered by distinctive award!


"You take time to read others posts, making valuable contributions to the topics in play. Your opinions even in your very own posts enthuse me making me want to challenge you (in a nice way) because I love a good debate. And a good debater with well grounded knowledge is what you are. I do so love your positivity, tenacity and maturity. Keep up the great work:) "

My dear friend Blue Pearl; your beautiful words added more inner strength to me. I’m overwhelmed and eternally grateful not only to this magnificent award with such stunning words you added but also to the discreet and fluent posts you write. Your sensitivity always touches my heart. You are just outstanding example of support and creativity. I’m so glad you love my blog that much, I’m truly honored. Thanks a lot darling.

As for challenging my posts it’s a pleasure to have tactful, cleaver and well-mannered challenger just like you.
Thanks again my dear.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More than beats

In fact, when our minds and hearts think separately a heavy burden placed on us. Somehow it puts us in bouts of Confusion-Bewilderment that are quite hard to switch off; we simply found ourselves trapped between mind and heart conflict for a long while to avoid ended with utter regret.

Of course, we take major decisions in different ways, some listen to their hearts blindly and others mute their hearts’ whispers and follow their brains altogether. And some attempt to make a balance in a way that makes them more comfortable.

However, for centuries it’s commonly discerned that heart is used solely as a source of sentiments and feelings but not thinking! Accordingly, when it comes to take over decisions the mind rules over the heart, when emotions like compassion, love and dislike are involved, the heart rules. Greeks are one of those who neglected emotions as a source of thoughts, they considered them as wild horses that had to be directed by intellect; on the other hand they worshiped the brain in a way that drove them to make a memory Goddess! Long before the brain structure had been discovered and the functions of the left and right hemispheres, Greeks made simple and so sophisticated methods that help memory soars successfully. But no one seriously consider the heart as a smart organ.

However, recently scientific evidence proved that heart can dictate the brain which is acclaimed as a more sensible and conventionally more realistic decision maker.

The new study shows that the heart’s nervous system contains around 40,000 neurons, called sensory neuritis “heart brain”, which send several signals like pain and other sensation feelings to the brain. Those signals have a regulatory role over many of the autonomic nervous system signals that flow out of the brain to the heart and to other body organs. They also fall into higher centers of the brain, where they may affect on perception, decision making and other cognitive processes.

Certainly, emotions are not always negative and do not always serve as enemies to rational thought. Neurologist Antonio Damasio points out in his book ‘Descartes’ Error’ that heart has rationality of emotion, where he confirmed the importance of emotions in decision making. He proved that patients with brain damage in the areas of the brain that integrate the emotional and cognitive system can no longer effectively function in the day-to-day realm, although their mental abilities are completely normal.

That study shows that the key to the successful integration of the mind and emotions lies in raising the coherence and harmonious process in both systems. This goes some way to explain the mighty power of emotions, in contrast to thought separately. When then emotion is experienced, it becomes great motivator of future behaviors and marks folks who excel in the face of life’s confrontations.

Indeed, the heart is brilliant muscle with unlimited skills that some still underestimating it. Actually, what aroused this post is a debate with a friend of mine weeks back further, when I told her somehow I’m truly yearning for certain state in U.S and I just can’t wait to go there. Her respond was a mixture of sarcasm with absolute wonder.

How could you yearn for state you never been to earlier? She said. The hearts love before we see things by eyes sometimes. I replied

Yes it does, this is a fact about our hearts, for instance; we love our creator though we did not see him and we love our profit too whilst we have never seen him before. Besides there is an important condition for being Muslim which states that we Must love our creator then our profit more than anything else!

That’s true hearts are insightful organs, we do not really listen to our hearts’ whispers attentively under the pretext of the rational thinking usually; for instance that takes place commonly for everyone when we meet those people who look very kind, they smile whenever our eyes meet, they serve us, and surprisingly when we need a help we always find them there standing by us. We approach them and consider them as a permanent gift and good friends; the ones who never simply vamoose one day. We help them back and afford them more sacrifices. We think they truly care and understand absolutely what is within us. Then suddenly we find them not the same people we used to know. We say they got changed and we attempt to find out some sensible excuses to avoid hurting ourselves, to satisfy our pride and minds. Unfortunately, that occurred because we muted our hearts’ whispers previously when our hearts rejected them from the first sight, though we get closer to be more rational depending on our former experiences. Then eventually we realize how hearts can see things we never see by eyes and how they amazingly wise!

Personally, that made a negative impact on me; I realized that I’m less social than ever before, in other words I just do not need any more friends. No additions to the ones I already call my gift.

Thus, we should not strain our hearts, although they are truly intelligent but they can’t always stand life’s tremendous pressure we put on them every once in a long while. Yes, the heart has separated intrinsic nervous system ‘heart brain’ that we can trust and control too, but we Must remember, heart can be a major source of diseases when it’s extremely stressed.