Friday, April 8, 2011

Unbearable Distress!

How was your day at school? I asked.

My sister: Good. She replied.

And your friends? I added another question.

She paused for moments. During these moments I scanned her face precisely. The anguish on her face was extremely obvious. I was wondering what would make a kid at her age (almost 12 years old) grieve that much! Sounds like she did not get good marks? Or perhaps her teacher berated her deeply in front of her classmates? I was looking at her attentively to hear what’s wrong.

Then finally she broke the silence and started to talk. My friend’s home got burned days ago. They all survived except her youngest sister (two years old).She passed away. They all spent days in (intensive care) but her mother is still in there. I was scrutinizing her whilst she was talking, when the tears started to fill her eyes I interrupted her in order to cease her tears to shed. Actually I did not anticipate hearing sad news not really from her again!

And you reckless girl immediately wept when she told you what happened so she cried too. I said merrily then I chuckled. Suddenly she got irritated because of my response and the tears in her eyes faded away. I smiled because she did not truly cry, but to tell the truth I got so sad although I chuckled but it was faked one.

I attempted to shift the burden over her shoulders saying her friend must be grateful because her parents are still alive so everything is going to be fine. She nodded. Then another silence dominated the air in the room but for a long while.

What I heard from my sister took me back several years when a friend of mine told me her father passed away (May he rest in eternal pace) that moment still vivid in my mind when she started to weep silently while on the other side I was in a state of shock and disbelief. I did not shed a tear; I wasn’t able to utter a word. Not even tapped on her shoulder. I only took my sight away off her calmly. After a short time she composed herself together without my help. Although she was so young (almost 15) but she overcame her sorrows strongly. She was and still the same person I used to know outstanding, mature and cheerful.

Actually it’s not easy to hear bereavement especially for a kid at my sister’s age. One year ago two of her friends passed away. So, grief upon grief long after she can bear no more this time; she did not attend her school for two days. I am waiting for the time she left that burden behind. This is difficult, as children grieve differently from adults. Personally supporting people in general is so hard for me, I always avoid talking directly about sad feelings, I think it’s better to avoid discussing in order to protect people from the distressing details.

But hereI came across to hear how you support folks around you? Do you think expressing feelings truly comforts the inner pain? Do you agree with me that silnece is the best solution and the time can heal whatever within? Can you bear the moment when you see someone crying horifingly in fron of you? Though life sometimes turns crule but its magnificent gift!

Source of inspiration!

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