Saturday, February 12, 2011

Versatile and Stylish blogger!

Amazingly my heart and mind felt profound thank to my dear friend Blue Pearl for awarding me the versatile blogger award. Although I’m too late for this reply but I’m truly thankful for her. Thanks a lot for your lovely and your superb appreciation honey.

Accordingly, I must follow bloggers rule after getting the award which states writing SEVEN things about me then passing the award to other SEVEN whom simply do the same in case I don’t want to keep it any longer!

Here are seven things about me:

1- There is spontaneous analyzer within me which keeps analyzing people and read faces all the time silently.

2- I’m obsessed about my weight and cleanness!

3- I simply fall asleep when something upsets me or when I got mad as well.

4- I sleep solely in absolute darkness.

5- I'm a night person but sometiomes I don't like it.

6- Somehow sitting in unorganized place irritate me.

7- Seeing cats around me makes my movement ceased simply because I’m “phobic” since my childhood.

Dearest rose water; I’m really thankful for the award you gave me too (Stylish blogger). Thanks for your lovely award sweetheart. Before I state another seven things, I have a confession for you: well,I always impressed by you as European Muslim lady who still dwell on non-Islamic country which is truly uneasy thing especially for a lady. That reflects how strong and sensible you are. May Allah bless you dear.
Here are other seven things about me:

1- I’m still getting taller though I’m “twenty something” currently!

2- I’m movies addict and avid reader too.

3- I can control my outrage by remaining silent, but I reopen the subject that has angered me calmly.

4- I love fancy restaurants and spicy food.

5- I prefer reading your blogs rather than writing and replying.

6- I abruptly wake up if someone is gazing at me through my deep slumber!

7- I enjoy reading some political books and I really care about live news.

Warning: Dearest friends; I would keep those awards with me FOREVER under the title of ‘The gift not given away or sold’ though I appreciate you all profoundly. :P

Best regards R:)