Monday, May 31, 2010

Weird attitude!

I found this hilarious video on youtube about the former US president Gorge Bosh.

It shows how superficial and rude he is! Dunno how he spent that long time as a president!

Here we go…

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life's Melody

In life we pass through many moments which make us happy and sometimes disenchanted with life. But I realized even sorrow could be sweet sometimes cuz without sorrow we won’t appreciate how the taste of happiness is sweet! Here I post other marvelous words which captivated me:

“”Life is like a piano; White keys are happy moments & Black keys are sad moments. But remember both are played together to give sweet ~melodies~””

So sweet and positive words…Those words show the harmony between sorrow and happiness moments Allah the almighty created!
And here is one of my favorite melodies:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another social crime

Today I come across after a friend of mine told me a tragic story happened in a hospital. She said she witnessed a married woman got beaten by her husband cruelly, and that left her arm broken and one of her ribs plus the dark red bruises he left over her face and rest of her body! That all happened to her cuz she asked him why you are late! After we finished our conversation I was in a shock for a while! How come a man beat his wife!

Another story I’ve heard before, it’s about a married woman who no longer feels safe in her home. She was beaten by her husband, although they were estranged, and her body was scarred after her injuries which had meant emergency medical attention.

She escaped to her parent’s home and her friends told her she must contact the police – for assistance and to lodge the formal complaint against her husband. Her friends tried to convince her that it’s the only way to make him understand the seriousness of his crime and to force him to control his anger.

But the problem is her family did not want their dirty linen exposed in public. They forced their daughter to keep the matter private, hoping that her husband would see sense. Her father and her brothers pledged that they would visit and talk to him.

This case is common. Women choosing not to speak up against the abuse they have suffered for fear of divorced, losing their children and being of neighborhood gossips!

Recently there are so many people suffering from the domestic violence and it became a contemporary issue which deficiency of passion during childhood is considered the matter of prime importance behind this crime. It somehow affects negatively on people for long extent, especially when the person had been exposed to beaten since his/her childhood.

The problem is those people take their bad memories and concepts about violence with them after marriage, consequently they think they have the right to beat their wives, and others see it’s a normal when a husband beat his wife or vice versa because they coexisted with such situations.

Nowadays people considered the domestic violence a crime against the society. It includes any physical and sexual abuse as well verbal violence and threats. And it has various aspects and affects any one irrespective of age, social background, gender, physical strength, or education. It could happen between spouses and among member of the related family.

The problem is social reasons cannot be overlooked. And there are so many reasons behind the domestic violence against women but I considered the misinterpretation of the religious concept of man’s control over domestic affairs. Some ignorant men believe this to be linked to the controlling of the wife by the husband, while in reality; it means looking after the wife and fulfilling her needs.

In UAE, Dubai foundation for women and children is active in protection victims of domestic violence and they accept people who seek refuge and who got burden from the maltreatment...

I don’t really think that would solve this problem. I mean for how long they would support those victims? Besides the tragic days they had been through would left a negative impact which yields the same previous stories over and over again.

Don’t you think they just push themselves to the edge with tragic consequences? They are humiliating and feeling unsafe at their homes, what are homes for other than feeling safe and happy in? I dunno but dignity is something that we can’t live without, it’s related to make us happy and satisfy human beings. Allah legitimate the divorce cuz sometimes marriage makes people get disenchanted with life, however Allah knows what is the best and sometimes divorce is the best solution at such cases.