Friday, July 23, 2010

Words ultimate power!

Words… They have been used to communicate between human beings since long time ago. They make us laugh and make us cry. They make us sick and make us fine. They have the power to heal the spiritual wounds inside. They have the power to kill and make us alive!

Words… have the power to not only make emotional frenzy but they generate great actions. By using words great people have been made. Words are just a magical ultimate power that we can’t see but we can feel…

Despite of knowing how we get influenced by words but sometimes we use them negatively!
I witnessed a fight between two people who I know. The fight started with arguing but it ended in full-fledged rage … each one of them was saying so harsh words that were really sharp. I was listening silently and just looking at them without uttering even one word…

However, when people got irritated they just look like they got possessed by demons! They look like utter devil in humans shape with really bad deeds! But why!
In Islam our prophet Mohammed PBUH said we ought to change our posture whenever we get mad in order to calm down. And if that does not work we have to make *wodho’* (It is Islamic way to wash our organs before praying to make our bodies pure).
Why *wodho’*? Because Satan was created by fire and nothing can cease fire except the water!

I’m wondering why we give Satan the chance to possess us over and over again. Does that make us comfortable? Or we are just so weak so we can’t control ourselves? Where is the self-control? I’m not saying that I don’t get mad ever but after I do, I found myself full of regret and feel like I’m a tiny creature coz I failed in controlling myself even if I’m not mistaken.

Once I had read an article about how could we manage our temper, there are so many ways to but there is one way I found kinda ridiculous which tells one of the best ways to cease getting mad is convincing the person you’re talking to. Don’t you think that method is impossible sometimes? I’ve met so many stubborn and ignorant people who just don’t want to understand or even listen during any conversation whenever they are disagree!

Regardless of what had been written above my question is: do you believe in the power of words? And if you do what would be your respond if someone close attack you by sharp words?

Kind regards..