Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back to hell

This picture has been taken by me. It’s a simple gift  my school girl sister got it from her friend before school starts to welcome her back to school by her unique way!

The moment I read what’s written on the small card " back to hell " I opened my eyes widely then we all burst giggling, what a naughty girl!

I know how it feels when the bells keep ringing *back to school *. At our schools very few number of the competent teachers who like their job and do their job faithfully. Unfortunately the first and last aim of most of them is taking SALARY every month.

Recently I had never met a child told me that s/he loves the school neither adolescent. Somehow that peeved me but that is the truth. To wit, that mess is absolutely against Islam!

However, I had read once about the power of belief and how it shapes our actions and makes lasting changes in our lives marvelously. The writer talked about one great leader who impressed me. She is a TEACHER; she made a real difference in children’s lives, because she has a passionate deep-rooted conviction way that impacts her students for good.

The writer visited her school so that he interviewed one of her students. He interviewed a boy around four years old. The boy believes in such great clues that really stunned me. During the interview the boy said the most important thing he learned from his teacher is “The society may predict, but only he will determine his destiny”!

He owned beliefs that his teacher permeated in their souls beautifully. And I guarantee him and all his class mates’ bright future.

I wonder if there are teachers in our nations who make great impacts in students’ lives instead of compelling them to despise schools and let them pass through psychological wars ended with antipathy towards school and backward societies.

During my life time in school I have seen so many bad examples of teachers who really need two things “reeducation plus psychiatrist” to amend their personal problems.

Don’t know what on earth is wrong with teachers! If they don’t like their job why don’t they just resign to shift the burden from students’ shoulders instead of practicing violence and spreading their mental diseases like irremediable cancerous cells!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My inner whispers!

From within me to dear Me!
Dear Rationality, keep cleansing your heart by worshiping and staying close to Allah. Fill your heart with warmth and love. I know you keep saying life is enigmatic and you can’t get people. Just accept people as they are. Sometimes we people can’t get changed. Accept people’s apologies, give people chances to talk, listen to them, and help them whenever they need you. Stay away from recent era diseases like antipathy, envy and grudge; that would blind you totally!

Dear Rationality it’s not abnormal to get frustrated for a while. Who hasn’t anyhow? However the key is not to get so deep in grief, it will cease you pursuing your dreams. Just let your destiny takes you wherever it goes as long as you do your best; and you are under Allah almighty mercy so, don’t annoy yourself thinking anymore!

*Remember dear that grumbling and complaining yields you Nothing so be stronger and more patient to overcome life’s obstacles.

Dear Rationality, life is precious gift and life’s odyssey is limited; it must have some obstacles which might stumble you. That is absolutely normal but the succeed people are the ones who learn how to take the advantage of any situation considering it as a new lesson. So enjoy every moment while you still breathing. Keep dreaming, keep laughing and smiling. Be yourself the optimistic girl who I always know. As you know the sweet days can never come back again, just focus on present and enjoy yourself.
And yes, don’t ever think that confronting me is an act of madness, to wit, I know you somehow believe that there is no great genius without some touch of madness. So please keep the solid grasp of superb values and beliefs you have.

With deepest love, truly Your inner whispers :)

P.S I wore the words above since almost one year ago, and a friend of mine ecouraged me to post them after I got hesitated to free them in here. Thanks a lot my dear friend :)