Thursday, August 5, 2010

Satisfaction Brings Happiness!

Our existence in life leads us to take the charge of our aims, beliefs and feelings in order to amend the process of our lives. We try doing our best to alter the negative outcomes to simply reach happiness in other word “satisfaction”.

We all have our dreams hence; we believe in ourselves that we have special abilities or gifts which can touch others in unique way so we can make the world better place.

After a deep thinking about plenty of things that I’m highly aiming at, I asked myself the following questions:
Am I satisfied? When I still aiming at several things; does it mean that I’m not satisfied so I considered being unhappy person?
Does happiness related to satisfaction? And is it imperative that we ask: Does happiness come to the ones who own satisfaction? Or it’s just satisfaction with what we all own so we can be happy?
That time I got a certain degree of bewilderment; how come I consider myself happy but still not satisfied? :)

To many, money is a basic component of owing the happiness and satisfaction. People hit the summit of happiness when they just own precious and luxury stuffs!

In fact, we human beings have the instinct of desiring more and more so the materialistic things soon become ordinary after we get them. Therefore, we keep looking for new things to feel what we expect as satisfaction… We are greedy don’t we!

Eventually I got two simple queries :)
- What is happiness and satisfaction on your point of view?
- Suppose the time is reserved, so you have the chance to change your lifestyle. Would you re-plan the events of your life in order to achieve the satisfaction? Or you will just stick to the same kind of life?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Phones are source of germs!

Mobiles are pretty important. With time they become one of the most necessary things people extremely use daily. A new study in UK shows that mobiles carries 18 times more harmful germs than flush handle and lavatory seats in WCs! The tests show one of the mobiles has such high level of bacteria which could make a serious stomach upset to its owner!

It said the level of the harmful bacteria inhabited in phones were off scale. That phones needs STERELIZING.

The study showed that there were more than 18 different types of bacteria which are:

- Enterobacteria: a group of bacteria which live in lower intestine level.

- Bugs such as Salmonella.

- Faecal conliforms: a group of bacteria associated with human waste.

- Food poisoning bugs like E.coli and staphylococcus aureus but those found at a safe levels.

*Besides the study shows that some computer keyboards have more harmful bacteria that lavatory seats! YUCK

Well I’m sort of obsessed by sterilizing my hands from time to time and whenever I had training in the hospital I keep the sterilizer close to me so I can keep cleaning at the whole time I spend there . Besides I don’t think that we Muslims carries that huge number of germs and bacteria as long as we wash our hands, ears and faces five times per day in order to pray and sometimes more than five. To me it’s not that accurate study while it depends on the person cleanness but it's weird cuz it is more Contaminated than lavatory seats!