Thursday, August 5, 2010

Satisfaction Brings Happiness!

Our existence in life leads us to take the charge of our aims, beliefs and feelings in order to amend the process of our lives. We try doing our best to alter the negative outcomes to simply reach happiness in other word “satisfaction”.

We all have our dreams hence; we believe in ourselves that we have special abilities or gifts which can touch others in unique way so we can make the world better place.

After a deep thinking about plenty of things that I’m highly aiming at, I asked myself the following questions:
Am I satisfied? When I still aiming at several things; does it mean that I’m not satisfied so I considered being unhappy person?
Does happiness related to satisfaction? And is it imperative that we ask: Does happiness come to the ones who own satisfaction? Or it’s just satisfaction with what we all own so we can be happy?
That time I got a certain degree of bewilderment; how come I consider myself happy but still not satisfied? :)

To many, money is a basic component of owing the happiness and satisfaction. People hit the summit of happiness when they just own precious and luxury stuffs!

In fact, we human beings have the instinct of desiring more and more so the materialistic things soon become ordinary after we get them. Therefore, we keep looking for new things to feel what we expect as satisfaction… We are greedy don’t we!

Eventually I got two simple queries :)
- What is happiness and satisfaction on your point of view?
- Suppose the time is reserved, so you have the chance to change your lifestyle. Would you re-plan the events of your life in order to achieve the satisfaction? Or you will just stick to the same kind of life?

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rosh said...

Ahlan Rationality.

Interesting thoughts.

IMHO happiness equates to sense of well being within. It can be from a single aspect most of us want in life -- love / companionship with another soul whom we care deeply about.

Happiness can also be from several other factors, some of which you have mentioned in your post. It can be from a simple hearty laugh, thinking about good 'ol times, loved ones or someone telling you the simplest and nicest things.

Satisfaction may not be completely related to happiness. We may continue to be in the path toward constant / continued satisfaction, irrespective of our state of mind. Of course happy people may be more satisfied to the less than happy folks. But I do believe satisfaction, similar to happiness is a constant and continued chase for us people. The goals, the objectives change as life progress.

To answer your second Q: I'd love to 're-plan' certain events from my past. However, I'm not sure I'd want to -- because I may have missed out learning from those mistakes to be better person. I'd stick to the same life, but implement the lessons from the past, going forward. I also think, the core factors / events that provide satisfaction and happiness often changes as life moves on.
I hope that make sense?

So why the deep thoughts? :)

Rationality said...

Ahleen rosh! (GBC) >>your nickname you still remember it :)?
Happiness lies with the warm feelings I agree and it’s a nature in folks seeking the warmth and sentiments from close ones as you said.
There are varying proportions of satisfaction... I was waiting to hear words like yours that can convince me :). (The goals, the objectives change as life progress.) Totally agree :)
About your 2nd answer it shows how you’re satisfied person :)
There is a quote made by our prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the Hadith said: “if we were to know what’s yet to come, we will choose our current reality”
Falling in mistakes is not the only way to learn we can learn from the others mistakes too; but sometimes falling in mistakes is irresistible thing but the key is in not falling over and over again at the same mistake.
Why deep thinking! *grin*
Well, cuz I already took a decision and I am still thinking about it more and more. It’s the hardest one I ever took and the most important to me too. I had the courage to make a life-changing decision FINALLY. But the fear of future regrets is still following me; I found it really hard. At first I thought I’m good in avoiding all the hesitation and I just follow my inner voice but now I’m in a conflict in a battle of mind vs heart… Life is not that easy as I thought before! * I’m sure that I will stick on it but I don’t know how I can cease the future’s fear*
Glad you're intrested in my thoughts and it’s a pleasure to read you in my blog :)
Welcome again rosh:)

Unique gal" said...
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Unique gal" said...

Hi there..
wonderful survey indeed..
satisfaction and happiness complete and reflect each other.not getting everything easily contrary struggle and fight for what you that time,you can sense what you get.Also,find the one who understands you will for me this is the most difficult part of my life.being in the place which you can achieve your desires.most of people believe that the money brings everything so you can get anything you want at this you well be satisfied and the happiest one but this is so satisfies the body not soul..and you can notice that all factors of happiness please the soul which brings the satisfaction of body..Up to know this is for 1Q..
for the second:I would like to change one part of it..
That's all darling.

rosh said...

I read your response, weeks ago, but never got to commenting. First, Mabrooks, on your new decision. Whatever the future holds, you took a 'decision' - and trust me, I KNOW how hard decisions are! I am decision-averse :) I will do anything to get out making a decision.

Second, most ofnte, whatever happens in life, happens for the better. We realize only in retrospect. I've believed if you take a decision with prayers and well intentions in your heart, the good guy (or gal) up there, shall always guide you through.

Stay strong, say a prayer and keep with your beliefs. All shall be well.

Mabrooks again.

Rationality said...

Whenever you have the time just drop by, you are always welcome:)
Allah ybarek feek thanks deeply:)
Indeed they are so hard cuz they change the life track. Like staying away from UAE would change my life and that makes me nervous!
“I am decision-averse :)?? I will do anything to get out making a decision.”
Oh really! perhaps cuz you are so critical in taking decisions! You know but somehow u comfort me:D Your experience in life is better than mine.
I absolutely agree with every single word you said.
Thanks a lot for your golden and sincere advise rosh:)

bosnishmuslima said...

When people or myself ask me if I am happy I would answer I am generelly satisfied or content but not completely happy. Sure there are moments in life where I really feel happiness but not in the long run as prevailing mood. I think it comes from my earliest childhood where I became melancholic due to circumstances at that early age where my parents separated...and later my own marriage where was more saddness than happiness and the separating and divorce...Now I am a single mom of a wonderfull daughter and I am satisfied and gratefull for everything Allah swt. gave me. But I can not feel completelly happy because there is still something missing to be happy; and this maybe sounds not fair but humans are not created to spend their lifes as singles. Now I am getting too personal but it is my definition of my personal situation.
Satisfaction can bring happiness but not necessarily and not in the long run.
As for the money it can buy satisfaction but not happiness.
Also I read once on this topic (don't know anymore if it was a hadith, anyway on an islamic site) that it is not possible in this life to achieve the pure happiness and that it is reserved for the hereafter! And I think it is true as we always have happenings which take the happiness away!

As for your decision may God bless you and give you the best of it!
Anyway for any decision in life the best way is to ask for guidance via istihara prayer and you won't fail never!

Hugs & Love

Rationality said...

Dear bonishmuslimah
Somehow I got sad when I read your comment; your words are so touchy:)
I can’t blame you if you were melancholic due to circumstances you’ve passed through since your childhood. It is normal to get influenced negatively for a little girl when she witnessed her parents’ separation. Every person in life passed or still passing through hard time but each person has his/her own ordeal differently.
There is hadith saying whatever happens to Muslim it occurs for his/her good whether it’s ordeal or a grace as long as we are grateful to Allah the Almighty evermore. We must be satisfied and strong too. The nature of life comes with difficulties so we struggle to hit our targets and aims to live happily.
Our creator tests our faith and patience. And we strive as long as we still breathing. You are strong enough to please yourself and your cute daughter too. Marriage turns to something awful sometimes so having a partner is not a sign of happiness and living as a single mother does not mean that you’re grieved too whilst you’re successful and owning the basics of life. I wish you find the partner who fills your life with warmth and happiness.
“”as we always have happenings which take the happiness away!”” so true :)
Thanks so much for your advice and well prayers my dear.
Hugs and love :))

bosnishmuslima said...

Thank you very much for this nice reply. I really feel understood :-)
And by the way, I am melancholic but not sad and I am able almost alway to be positive and feel optimism, alhamdullilah.
As for your question, if I would change anything from the past if I could - I would NOT. Aside that I had more sad times than really happy ones but I know that Allah swt. choosed this for me and though gave me enormous blessings and gifts in hard times. Also we learn so much through hard experiences which we would not if we wouldn't have been in those situations.

By the way Rationality, wallah I am so glad to met such a wonderfull person like you <3<3<3

Rationality said...

You are welcome darling.
Perhaps you’re melancholic but you’re rational person with strong personality. What you said previously is absolutely true. You got many experiences in life :)
Aw I’m flattered, thank you dear; and honestly I’m so glad to meet such lovely person like you too.
Btw I forgot something necessary>> I did not welcome you, Welcome to my blog my unique reader and new dear friend :)

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