Sunday, August 1, 2010

Phones are source of germs!

Mobiles are pretty important. With time they become one of the most necessary things people extremely use daily. A new study in UK shows that mobiles carries 18 times more harmful germs than flush handle and lavatory seats in WCs! The tests show one of the mobiles has such high level of bacteria which could make a serious stomach upset to its owner!

It said the level of the harmful bacteria inhabited in phones were off scale. That phones needs STERELIZING.

The study showed that there were more than 18 different types of bacteria which are:

- Enterobacteria: a group of bacteria which live in lower intestine level.

- Bugs such as Salmonella.

- Faecal conliforms: a group of bacteria associated with human waste.

- Food poisoning bugs like E.coli and staphylococcus aureus but those found at a safe levels.

*Besides the study shows that some computer keyboards have more harmful bacteria that lavatory seats! YUCK

Well I’m sort of obsessed by sterilizing my hands from time to time and whenever I had training in the hospital I keep the sterilizer close to me so I can keep cleaning at the whole time I spend there . Besides I don’t think that we Muslims carries that huge number of germs and bacteria as long as we wash our hands, ears and faces five times per day in order to pray and sometimes more than five. To me it’s not that accurate study while it depends on the person cleanness but it's weird cuz it is more Contaminated than lavatory seats!

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El Shahlab said...

That's why I hate using other people's mobiles, even if it was an emergency. God knows where their hands and fingers have been.

But germs are all around us, not mobiles only. Door knobs, keyboards, grocery baskets and carts, and simply other people hands.

If you keep obsessing about it, it will drive you crazy. I read that as long as you don't rub you eyes you're ok. Because the easiest way for germs to get to your body is through your eye. Is that true? You seem like you are of medical background :)

Thank god for Dettol wipes.

Constructive Attitude said...

You really dont think of these things, because most of the time, you are the one handling your phone, so how can there be so much germs on it?

Rationality said...

El.. LOL indeed sometimes people are disgusting!
Well, having some germs is absolutely normal, and it would be so difficult to not have any at all. So, as long as we do our best in washing our hands and sterilize them regularly; plus avoiding dirty surfaces that might carry germs we are fine.

The point in this study is taking care of our mobiles especially when we touch some contaminated surfaces and then we go to touch our mobiles over and over again before we realized what had we touched or used. Then we go to use it after washing hands and maybe we could touch our faces or rub our eyes subconsciously without considering that our phones are another source of germs. So, it says that we have to sterilize phones as well.

It already drives me crazy, and cuz I’m geek about the cleanness unfortunately some bad positions happen to me and my attempts to escape always gone with wind :( ; like seeing someone putting her finger in wrong place then she came to shake hands (OMMMMG you can’t imagine how much I hate my hand after such moments) ! I always say it’s better to not see such scenes and ignorance is bliss sometimes :)

Yep you’re right; actually I’m a medical student… Well, rubbing eyes is another story; as you know the eye is the most sensitive organ in our bodies; and germs can penetrate the eyes ; it happens and eyes could get bacterial infections but for some reasons it’s so rare. So bacteria and germs can invade us through mouth and nose much more than eyes. So, we must avoid touching them when our hands are not clean.*But we should never rub our eyes cuz we could gash the Cornea as well.

How come we don’t have to consider that as long as we humans suppose to be such contaminated creature when we neglect taking care of our cleanness and fight the germs that might stick on us and the surfaces that we touch like phones every single moment! But at the end it depends on the person him/herself, so try not to use others mobiles :)

»•●•me you•●•« said...

دائما كما هعدناك مبدعه و متألقه
واني اعلم اني كلمات الشكر و التقدير لا تكفي لاعبر عن مدى اعجابي بما خطته اناملك المتألقه
و احسد قلمك المتميز الذي يخط كل ما هو رائع ومتالق
ودمي متالقه في سماء الابداع

»•●•me you•●•« said...

GRRR I've beeeen Mistaken, previous comment is intended to be at the ultimate words one.

Rational I liked this one it shows how much geek you are hahahaha.....

Skeptical Empiricist said...
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Skeptical Empiricist said...

So I need to give my mobile a hot bath then :D

Rationality said...

M Y.. I blushed ouh girl you exaggerating in parising me, Thanks deeply sweetheart.

About this post.. lol yeah it shows how geek I'm, glad you liked it.
Thanks again :)

Welcome in my blog :)
Yeah but make it a tender one *chuckle*
A pleasure reading your comment! :)

rosh said...

Jee, I didn't exactly think about that, since I never lent my cell to anybody and I'm a super clean Freakenstein monster.


*looks at his blackberry with suspicion*

Rationality said...

Rosh; sounds you were in a shock :D
Don't gaze at your phone by that disgust way:D;just use Sterile wipes gently and keep washing your hand before and after use :)
All the best

Falling Up said...

Everything has germs on it lol
And I don't like shaking hands with people, especially non Muslims, I know it sounds harsh but have you ever observed people in a public toilet while waiting to go. I'd say 70 percent or higher do not wash their hands when they get out of the stall. Yuck!!

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