Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My inner whispers!

From within me to dear Me!
Dear Rationality, keep cleansing your heart by worshiping and staying close to Allah. Fill your heart with warmth and love. I know you keep saying life is enigmatic and you can’t get people. Just accept people as they are. Sometimes we people can’t get changed. Accept people’s apologies, give people chances to talk, listen to them, and help them whenever they need you. Stay away from recent era diseases like antipathy, envy and grudge; that would blind you totally!

Dear Rationality it’s not abnormal to get frustrated for a while. Who hasn’t anyhow? However the key is not to get so deep in grief, it will cease you pursuing your dreams. Just let your destiny takes you wherever it goes as long as you do your best; and you are under Allah almighty mercy so, don’t annoy yourself thinking anymore!

*Remember dear that grumbling and complaining yields you Nothing so be stronger and more patient to overcome life’s obstacles.

Dear Rationality, life is precious gift and life’s odyssey is limited; it must have some obstacles which might stumble you. That is absolutely normal but the succeed people are the ones who learn how to take the advantage of any situation considering it as a new lesson. So enjoy every moment while you still breathing. Keep dreaming, keep laughing and smiling. Be yourself the optimistic girl who I always know. As you know the sweet days can never come back again, just focus on present and enjoy yourself.
And yes, don’t ever think that confronting me is an act of madness, to wit, I know you somehow believe that there is no great genius without some touch of madness. So please keep the solid grasp of superb values and beliefs you have.

With deepest love, truly Your inner whispers :)

P.S I wore the words above since almost one year ago, and a friend of mine ecouraged me to post them after I got hesitated to free them in here. Thanks a lot my dear friend :)

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Constructive Attitude said...

Dear Rationality,

YOur whispers couldnt be more right :)

Breeze said...

oh Rationality....somehow when I read your message I felt that I need to be reminded that things need to be clear for my vision and senses so I can be able to see things in their true figure ..well at least at some level and to be able to have a solid balance inside of me...

it's hard to see our reflection...without finding first the right mirror ...

<<<< God inner-self would simply send me .." tch...grow up ..and try something called reality for a while " my inner-self is so cruel sometimes ..actually most of the time -_-

Rationality said...

CA.. Hi hon :)
Oh you think so!:D

Welcome in my blog, you enlighten my space :)
Well, writing such notes help making changes. I always take them as a challenge so that I got lasting changes. However, I make balance my watchword and I strive for it.
LOL at what you think of your inner-self>> I’m sure you’re much better than what you think about yourself.
((Grow up)) sounds like mother’s advice lol.
Tec; we all obsessed about it.
Try something called reality for a while; for me, having imaginary thoughts is just splendid but not all the time.
My inner-self is so cruel sometimes..actually most of the time -_-; *chuckle* well, people compel us to be discourteous sometimes!

Thanks for dropping by sweet girls :)

Breeze said...

Reeree, oh you just didn't meet my inner self which comes up to the surface suddenly ...let me give you a clue of what you might see ....

Constructive Attitude said...

new post?

Rationality said...

Well; once I have seen that side of you LOL but it popped up at the right time, so I would not blame you when you got irritated cuz I really know when you do.
As you see sweetie it's my last post and I'm such slacker girl whose enjoys reading more than writing but I will try to free one soon :)

rosh said...

I hear your whispers Rationality. Very often, it's best to let human beings, just bee. Forgive, forget and letting it pass, are such easy things to do, if we let our minds and our hearts work together. We get the trick, as we mature in life. And it's a good feeling.

So, why the deep whispers, may I ask? :)

Whispering Thoughts said...

Dear Rationality,
It's good for you to make such whispers : )

Rationality said...

Hi Rosh
It’s always my pleasure to read your notes. Forgive, forget and letting it pass are not easy things some folks just can’t do it. Not all people have the ability to tolerate. I’ve seen so many people who grudge and antipathy blinded them and they keep surpassing others like there are no limits in this life.
Every part of my whispers lies under target or personal story. And the purpose behind written them is giving me strength :). Those words work like alarm and somehow they nursing me. I got stronger whenever I hear my whispers or even read them. Even if I got frustrated I can get rid of it by my inner voice without uttering one word:).

Rationality said...

Whespering Thoughts;
Welcome to my blog:)
They are even related to your name:D
Thanks for dropping by

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

the whispers r loudly correct!


Rationality said...

Thanks H :)

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