Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life is enigmatic!

When I was a child I used to see life from another direction which made life so simple and colorful. I thought life is always sweet and pretty and people stay honest and cohesive during their surviving in this world. But when I got older it seems the picture I drew of life was not completed coz it lacked the most monumental colors which are black and grey. And it gets harder and harder with time especially when it comes with dealing with people. Actually I love the life and I’m satisfied by what Allah gave me whether it’s, family, skills, gifts, friends, knowledge, money …ect, and I appreciate them all Thank GOD.

But sometimes I feel like life is really enigmatic. I don’t mean the life itself but people who I’m living and dealing with. People, who are part of my life, people who I have to deal with daily.
Unfortunately sometimes I can’t get along with people who I use to deal with. They make life more complicated and mysterious. They cover themselves under grey color and hide their faces under pretty masks. It’s really hard to me to get them and know what they really want. And what makes me get frustrated is when I try to satisfy them but they don’t appreciate it even by a ward Thank You. Well, I am not constraint to please them all even if they are my friends or my kins while, they keep doing unacceptable deeds intentionally or whatever. I’ve nothing to do with people who lost their minds sentiments.

I am wondering and keep asking why that is? There is no need to be hypocrites or liers. People who are doing that are fooling themselves but they still do not aware of their stupidity. No need to act like they are fine and perfect if they have anything annoyed them they can just say it. Why don’t people make everything clearer to simplify dealing with them and get off their masks!
It makes me feel frustrated when I could not understand people. That’s why I need to stay away from people for a while sometimes, especially those superficial humans, to take a breath and rest my mind. I don’t know if I’m mistaken or that is the right way of dealing with people if I got confused I just ignore them without censures and reproach coz they will not appreciated it.

Nevertheless I insist life is still pretty but it needs more patience and dominant manners, so far still waters run deep. May Allah give me and all people the strength to consummate the life.

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C said...

Sweetie this is life! I know I couldn't change anything, so all I can do is to stay away from people as much as I can and don't mix around :) Maybe you should consider do that too :) I guess the closest people to me is B and B only :) I felt that its more than enough to have one people who is real than have a bunch of unreal people around you :)

Rationality said...

We have nothing to do except getting away from people for a while.On the other hand we can't survive without people around.That is the nature of the life and we have to adapat with it much as we can.
May allah protect this B for you and wish you both spend the prettiest moments.
thanks for your nice words sweetie ^^

C said...

Aww thank you sweetie! May Allah showers his blessing on you forever :)

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