Monday, March 15, 2010


Our Arabian countries are lagged in every useful and great field. The freedom of expression and democracy do not exist. Satisfaction of ego is dominant. The percentage of the illiterates is the highest in our regions. Almost half of Arab women still cannot read or write! Our Productivity is declining. Researches and development are nonexistent or just so weak. Science and technology are dormant.

Our valuable and absolutely genuine language is getting worthless. The translations of foreign books into Arabic lag far behind figures in the rest of the world: five times more books are translated every year in Greek whereas they are just 11 million. Only 53 newspapers per 1,000 citizens are published daily in the region, in the contrast, 285 papers per 1,000 people in the developed nations, and there are just 18 computers per 1,000 citizens in the Arab world, as compared to the global average of 78 per 1,000.

We are still standing at the same level nothing new deserves mentioning nothing have been achieved during previous decades. We are like living in a light but with totally closed eyes. We own everything physical but without high spirits. Our societies are just like bodies without souls, heads without brains.

We got burdened from silly and vicious clashes between us like the regional war on Saudi Arabia boarders and Yemen, football matches conflicts which generate antipathy between our nations. The heavy rains made our streets just like piles of dust; Egyptians keep authorizing kind of funny and silly fatwas to serve their desires. We are inheriting traditions more than our religion. We are still living in an apartheid era.

We are incompetent to have a control and solution even in our countries. The Palestinian issue is still transforming from bad situation to the worst and it’s like that issue is out of our hands.We did not object the name that got attached on us” The Third World Countries”. We just keep consuming more than producing, we still have lack in access to the knowledge, and we do not appreciate and support great minds like what advanced nations do awarding “noble Prize”. Their success just speaks for itself, they pursuit of their goals by astoundingly and impressive professional ways.We inhabit in absolute stagnation! There are no justifications for what we are in. We have everything, the best religion, great principles, great minds, wealth …ect but unfortunately no achievements.

I’m wondering what the main reason of our backwardness is? Is it because people just start getting away from our Islamic religion? Does imitating the negative side in advanced nations and moving wherever the wind blows plays a rule in our backwardness reason? Could we suppose the rejection of any constructive criticizing to satisfy our ego a main reason? I always wonder what is behind depriving us from our rights what’s wrong in making demonstration against any new verdict! Why our politics can’t hear us like any other countries do! Why any kind of demonstration is just rejected plus the demonstrator cruelly berated to make that kind of hard treatment as a moral so no one can object or speak anymore? Should we blame our silence or it’s just out of our hands? Could we do something worthy one day?

Wish we get the days of the Islamic prosperity progressiveness back one day and wish we named soon something much better than either Third World Countries or even advanced nations something that means the ability to change the world to the best so it just stop that absolute farce.

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»•●•me you•●•« said...

Our realm unfortunately is still sleeping in its backwardness. wish it wakes up one day and mend what we broken before. Enjoyed your post so logical

BuJ said...

Actually, i would add that in this day and age, everyone has a blackberry and they send either rude or religious messages through it, yet we are unable to grasp the basics of education, ethics or science.

Sadly our glorious history is almost forgotten and the glory will not return for many generations to come.

Rationality said...

BuJ...indeed, I hate this device because mostly people use it negatively as you mentioned previously. Plus it sends radioactive signals that cause damage in body cells. We should blame the parents of those children who give them the chance to use such device without surveillance.
Sight..Those days won’t come back again. But we all wish that we can get them back one day.

Rationality said...

Me and you..I hope so.
you are welcome and it's nice to have you in my blog.

BuJ said...

hello Rationality!

what a beautiful name btw.. very very very few rational people online these days.

just a small comment about telecoms devices,, they actually emit electromagnetic waves rather than radiation...

electromagnetic waves can be radio waves and are used to communicate between the blackberry and the network.. they get picked up by the antennas etc and get decoded.. however, anything can pick up these waves, including our weak bodies..

radiation is a term generally used for radioactive material such as uranium isotopes.. etc.. that is infinitely more dangerous.. b3eed al shar!

in short, always good to speak on the fone using a hands-free kit or speakerwire.. and avoid fones with uranium or plotonium hahaha

Rationality said...

Hi BuJ
Thanks, and you are one of those few without doubt.
LOL..So I got the wrong information thanks for enlighten me by the way, there is a huge different absolutely!

Black berry social impact is just like cancer, spreading more and more and nothing can cease it till they invent another stupid device to let people get more obsessed about it!

yeah I've heard about it before, but if that makes uranium, Ahmadi Najad will use it more and silently to challenge US LOL.

Thanks again BuJ for your informative comment it means a lot ^^

BuJ said...

hey Rationality.. thank you!

yesterday i saw a brand new CL55 AMG that could cost at least 1/2 million dhs with the BB PIN of the driver inscribed next to the car model, the result was:

CL 55 (in lovely chrome) BB PIN :2384ds3 (or something) in ugly white plastic letters!!!!

it's just beyond pathetic.

btw, i'm a bit of a lover of the sciences and used to work as an engineer for some years .. so excuse me if i "lecture" on these topics.. i only meant to clarify things!! physics was my fav subject in school.. that should give u an idea :)

btw, me and you looks like someone i used to know!

Rationality said...

CL55 AMG is lovely fancy car I love it, but not with BB!
Indeed it's beyond pathetic.

That is soooo obvious I noticed that you really love physics and it's your field before you post me the previous reply.

Believe me I liked it when you post me the difference between them. However my major is away from physics, I’m not that kinda person who refused listening to the others, plus the point behind writing posts is sharing which yields learning as well. Consequently if you have any more or additional information or even if I got mistaken in anything you can tell freely.

Oh really! So, does my phraseology seem familiar to you?

Thanks for your comment again it means a lot

Rationality said...

I mean does Her phraseology seem familiar to you! she is ma friend by the way.

BuJ said...

thanks Rationality for the compliment.. indeed i will try to give information if i can in a polite and positive way.. am glad u appreciate it.

as for you and me, well she reminds me with a girl called "F".. very sweet girl (family friend) but we lost touch.. however i'm sure it's not her coz she'd recognise my nick for sure! people call me BuJ in person.. as in bujassem etc..

looking forward to ur next posts :)

»•●•me you•●•« said...

BuJ I don't really know you, I just read your comments, am I really look like someone you knew! It's kinda weird but sweet. Thanks anyway :)

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