Sunday, March 28, 2010

offensive advice!

Couple of days ago I went to the mall with my family; it was around 5:00 PM. When it was almaghrib prayer time, we all approached to the prayer room to not miss the prayer. When I was there beside the room doorstep there was a lady who does not look Arabian standing there with her adorable kids who got my attention for a while. We both entered the room at the same time, the place there was congested and that somehow made me got relief. Anyway she left her children at the back of the room then she started praying beside me. When she got started praying her younger kid started weeping intensively by way which muddled up the whole place. After we all over and done with praying, one aggressive lady started to shout in a terrible and fury way saying “where on earth is the mother of this kid?” His mother hurried on and caught her kid to shush him. While she was trying to calm him down, that irritated lady came closer to her and said in barbarian tone “ hay you lady don’t ever bring your noisy children in here again we could not even focus, stay at your home and pray there but not in here”. The mother of the kid did not reply she just kept silent with a big shock. That poor lady did not even understand what she said, she is not Arabian but she read the anger tone in her face and voice it was extremely vivid.

At least she has to respect the holy place she is in I think! Is that a way to dispense a foreigner advice? Does it because that lady does not belong to the area so she has the right to treat her cruelly? Does it because she is suffering from the lack of self-esteem so that push her to tyrannize the poor lady who she feels somehow she has the power on her? Unfortunately mostly people who dispense advices are ignorant even the erudite people sometimes can’t handle their anger tone when they advice someone close!

That is not away to advice someone it’s absolutely rejected in Islam. When it comes to giving advice I consider what she did just offensive and stupid speech. Actually I got resented by what I saw. People do not understand what the real Islam is; they just keep worshiping without any value principle forgetting that ((Our Islam is not only dogma and worship but it’s also ethics and dealing well with people)). We are all familiar with that story of the man who got heaven cuz he fed a dog. Our religion resembles mercy for every single creature. But still people do not understand our Islam. I’m still in bewilderment looking for a solution makes people more informative to dispense and accept advices!

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»•●•me you•●•« said...

That lady is really awaful and what you said above is tottaly right.((Our Islam is not only dogma and worship but it’s also ethics and dealing well with people)).So true.Hooked by the words you wrote, you are rational.

Mrs. Cullen said...

Aww. I'm glad she didn't understand her.
Sometimes I wish we didn't understand a lot of the mean things that were said to us because then we wouldn't get so angry and say anything mean back. I wish I could control my anger.

Rationality said...

Me and you.. Thanks for your passing by it's my pleasure ^^

Mrs. Cullen... I agree with you, indeed I often wish to not understand such mean things and sometimes I wish I can block my hearing sense in such condition to keep at least my nerves and cells healthier. However, I'm trying to manage my temper recently, wish I could reach the level I'm aiming.
Thanks a lot sis for your passing ^^

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

That happens a lot, sadly to say :(


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