Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm a birthday girl

Here I came saying cheerily “Happy Birthday To Me”; wishing myself having a marvelous year suffused with merriness and mighty success.

A funny quote just popped into my mind during writing says: “The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” :D

Wondering why ladies mostly obsessed by staying younger ever more!:D

P.S. To Stay Young Keep Growing Old Gracefully. ;)

best regards

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Faisal Haji said...

There is a favorite quote that I heard once that complements this topic, "When you're young and beautiful; that is nature's mistake; but when you're old and beautiful, then you earned it." I can't remember where I heard it, but I sure agree with it.

El Shahlab said...

Happy 59th bd Ratio :p

Rationality said...

FH.. welcome to my blog:)
Beautiful quote indeed wish we can earn it at the end.

El; thanks but you're mistaken its my 95th BD :P
Thanks for passing guys :)

rosh said...

Sana hilwa Rationality! Wish you a wonderful day, and a year ahead.

As I get older, birthdays gives me the blues..for a while, however it cheers me up more, because I realize, I actually get to live and explore, life. The greatest gift.

Hey, where's my slice of the chocolate mousse cake?! :)

Rationality said...

Ahlan Rosh Thanks a lot and wish you the same:)

Admirable way of thinking as usual:). You reminded me of my friends they told me somehow they got sad when they hit the 20 coz simply they got older! Funny way of thinking or let me say girls thinking:D

Well, don't have the chocolate mousse cake although I love it but my mother made me vanilia cake filled with ice cream :D. Buy the chocolate cake mousse yourself Rosh :P
Thanks for your groovy comment R:)

Blue Pearl said...

Happpppppyyyy Belated bithday dear darling. I hope it was a beautiful day and you had some fun. :)

Rationality said...

Hi there BP;
Glad to see ya around:)
Thanks honey and yes it was beautiful as long as I'm still beside the close ones; the fun started since I got the first gift that day haha.
Welcome to my blog btw:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday :)

Rationality said...

Thanks a lot.
Glad to see you around:)

Kitten said...

Happy belated birthday, hope you enjoyed it.

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