Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mystery Of Life Curve!

Life is a marvelous odyssey that shaped in a mysterious curve which everything passes over. At the end of the odyssey nothing stays but only the immortal imprints that solely great people laid behind in history successfully.

Accordingly, I’ve been meditating the life’s curve for a while over and over again in purpose of figuring out something ambiguous to me. I couldn’t cease these thoughts and I don’t know if this curve involves one of the universal laws or there are some hidden facts and exceptions somewhere.

However, it seems that everything in life passes through peak then oddly somehow descended down to the bottom bit by bit ended by absolute disappearance.
For instance; at the middle of the day the sun hits its peak of strength, it strongly illuminates the sky then gradually losing its light and heat!
The moon, we catch the sight of it while it beautifully enlightening the sky in the middle of the month and then it gradually reshaped to crescent until it just disappears.
We humans reach our utter strength (physically and mentally) at the middle of our ages (the youth age) soon after we gradually get weaken.

The ancient great civilizations as well, went over the top of prosperity and advancement but where are those great civilizations power at present?
As follows, the Islamic civilization went along the height of progress too, but look where is it at the status qou.

Another vivid example “The United States”, it presided the entire world for long time undisputedly with perfect strength in different fields (economically, politically, scientifically...etc) and now it’s declining down gradually because of the financial crisis which it suffers from severely, though its unstoppable attempts to pull itself together and grab the global lordship tightly as before. However, some political analyzers recently said this catastrophic economical crisis will affect on U.S economy and soon after its global control inevitably.

On the other side “China” which has been supposed as a progressing country is strongly nominated to lead the world after U.S because of its excellent economical system which is growing amazingly. So it’s the time for it to hit the summit of advancement!
However, the matter is, when some reach the summit somehow others oddly decline! And as everything incredibly hits the peak it ended at the bottom eventually.

Accordingly, the previous thoughts provoked several wonders in my mind which are: Is there another peak after declining to the bottom eventually? And based on that do you think there is another peak quietly waiting for our Islamic civilization as the sun and moon cycle? Is it possible for us humans or governments to staying steadily on the peak without facing any struggles that may push us back to the bottom? Do you think U.S has the ability to surpass the economical crisis and ascend up back to its usual universal dominion? Do you think a country like China would have the chance to lead the world to the best one day? And finally do you enhance your mental skills in order to stay at the summit of youth (mentally) for longer?

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Blue Pearl said...

Great post and great questions - however rhetorically inclined these questions may be, due to the unknown "Ghaib" factor, it does however make you wonder what is going on? It was almost a realisation over night, that the american economy pulled into a down swing leaving much hope for other economies to tackle it like a knocked over bull but the reality is that rumor(media) and its consequence has a lasting effect on any share price or the simple american persons taxes that were spent mainly on military expenses claiming global blood because of the strategically mindless decision making of a greedy super power or perhaps just a youtube video about the predicted downfall of the US economy in 2012 and while the video is somewhat of "What if", it is what plays on the investors mind and gets people to worked up. The rest as we say (or the most part of it) is all planned by our great Creator above.

Blue Pearl said...

Congratulations on receiving the Versatile blogger award - you deserve it for the great effort you put into your blog. Please follow this link to view the award:

Rationality said...

Exactly it reflects that there is solely ONE mighty creator for the whole universe and simply everything passes throughout his law accurately. Subhan Allah!
As for U.S status quo... you’re right, it desperately attempts to surpass the financial crisis by using both obligatory taxes and media. But the thing is “the world witnessed bad events since U.S presided the world (the Iraqi events and the current situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan) but the worse is coming when the global dominion is taken by a country like Russia, Iran or China! Thanks a lot dear for expressing your thoughts you’re erudite person May Allah bless you.
Always a pleasure to read you

As for the prize, girl you surprised me :D
Thanks deeply darling,Oh I’m flattered, that’s really nice of you, I truly appreciate it you pleased me:)

Constructive Attitude said...

I never thought of life or parts of life as a "peak" but once you mentioned it, it kinda makes sense.

Rationality said...

Good, so my thoughts are kinda pursuasive:D
Your comments always please me, thanks dear dear:)

Anonymous said...

You received an award :) <3

nida said...

Salaam. I once left a comment on your blog (and I am quite impressed by your level of consciousness in each post), but it appears that it may have been lost in cyberspace, so I will attempt at reconstructing my thoughts on this post as best as I can, and hope they will make some sense :). God willing.

First, your sun and moon analogy is somewhat problematic. If you think about it, the sun and moon do not really ‘change’ physically during their cycles, it is just that the earth is positioned differently as it rotates around it’s axis and around the sun, given the day and month of a year.

If you actually study the life of stars, like our sun, it does have a ‘bell-curve’ life cycle like everything else in the material world. It’s just that they are around much much longer then human beings. So the sun will eventually reach its peak and shrink into a ‘white dwarf.’ A very small star and its life will presumably end when it finished converting hydrogen into helium.

That is a bit technical, but generally speaking everything in the material world follows that general pattern of physics. Everything that is ‘born’ – ‘dies.’

However, a Muslim believes that ultimately death is a ‘new beginning’ – in some other dimension. Either heaven or hell. Although our bodies die, our soul is part of the ‘eternal’ and so the laws of physics do not apply to it.

As for empires. They rise and fall, just like the Roman and Persian and Han empires rose and fell and never recovered, neither will the US. My educated guess, is that china will not be next super power, but perhaps will be one of the ‘many’ powers that will dominate the political economy. That said, only God knows what’s actually to happen next, so I’ll leave my comment at that.

I hope it made some sense. With peace,

Rationality said...

Wa Alikom alsalam. Well, I did not get any replies from you actually. This is the first comment I got and it’s a pleasure to read your rational thoughts for sure.

As for my analogy of the stars movements; not only the earth changes its position in universe but also the moon and the SUN revolves in the Milky Way as well. Accordingly; there is GREAT ayah in Sorah “Ya-seen” that illustrates accurately how stars move orderly in universe.
And base on it; everything revolves around the Milky Way includes the sun which moves in amazing velocity for one reason “to kneel for Allah the Almighty” Subhan Allah. Here is a great miraculous “which science still unable to measure the sun velocity accurately” and the same goes for the slight physical changes on all “sun, moon and earth”. However, what I’ve attempted to reach in this post is that our minds are unable to perceive the nature of life. Despite the science is moving on mighty progress but it’s still LIMITED.

I have desperately strong belief on what I read in this Ayah. The meaning instill awe in my spirit toward our mighty creator and it just permeates within me surprisingly!

However, I spotted solely on tangible side which is how the changeable position of stars makes immense impact on everything even IF “somehow” moon and sun both remain stable in power (although they are passing through some not noteworthy changes physically” but the strength they put on earth is diminishing gradually until they have vanished. Then accurately they start their cycle again. My point simply is NOTGHING has the ability put permanent change on our earth starts from the stars and end to the human beings. This is a fact that our simple lives based on to move forward in order to build the earth for the next generations and so on.

Your words are based on “Theories” which have the probability to be either right or wrong too. But I’m impressed on your analogy and logical thoughts.

As for China; I fully agree with you but you know sometimes life surprises us. :)
Once a wise man has told me”minds talk over minds beautifully” and yes I feel the beauty of debate whenever my mind speaks out loud with him and here with people like you and other several bloggers sensibly :)
Btw, sounds you’re really interested in Astrology msha’Allah.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts I really enjoyed it. :)

nida said...

Salaam :),

I agree that our rational capacity is limited, but why do you think it’s impossible for us to understand the nature of life through some of the tools that science has to offer?

I’m sorry if I’m misunderstanding your point, but do you think that just like the earth moon and stars, the galaxies all rotate in a cyclical manner, that human life can also be cyclical?

I don’t know, to me a cycle symbolizes unity, oneness, and essentially tawhid. We are born, we age, and we die. That is why many Islamic philosophers have stated that only through death do we realize ‘Truth.’ Only when we complete that cycle do we see true ‘Reality.’ We came from dirt, and to dirt we shall return.

I’m just not sure how you are applying the ‘cycle of rotation’ in you argument.

And yes, I’m very much interested in Astronomy, and philosophy and all the things you write beautifully about :D. I’m glad I found your blog. You should write more often. :).


Rationality said...

Wa alikom Alsalam :), it’s impossible for us to mainly understand and truly analyze the nature of life accurately, simply because there are many “Metaphysical matters” which are Not perceived by our minds. For instance; if I asked in which date the universe has been created exactly? What is the first thing has been created in universe and how long does it take with prove? You think I would get an accurate answer? Absolutely No.

Don’t apologize dear nida, I liked your way of thinking it’s just thoughtful :)

“I’m just not sure how you are applying the ‘cycle of rotation’ in you argument”

Well, those thoughts of “cycle of rotation” and mysterious curve indicates that there is solely ONE mighty creator who created the universe ingeniously “as you mentioned previously tawhid”. Hence, everything within this universe moves on only one role systematically without any contradictions ever. Therefore, nothing lasts forever in strength even we humans the most creative creatures over the earth. Despite we have the ability to think profoundly and analyze persuasively and we even create things but many matters in life are still enigmatic for us :)
But that does not mean I’m against the scientific researches. No, I really interested in science and I always look forward to the new creativity and explorations.

And yes, I’m very much interested in Astronomy, and philosophy and all the things you write beautifully about :D. I’m glad I found your blog. You should write more often. :)
Oh thanks nida, I’m flattered. Glad when a rational and philosopher person like you likes my humble blog. So I’m looking forward to read something related to Astronomy among your posts.
Well writing over this page depends on my writing mood. But you would see more of me in your blog in sh’Allah . Your blog is incredibly amazing.
Thanks for your great replys and Welcome to my blog BTW :)

nida said...

“it’s impossible for us to mainly understand and truly analyze the nature of life accurately, simply because there are many “Metaphysical matters” which are Not perceived by our minds.”

I like how you put that. It’s true, sometimes we take science too much for granted, and expect it to give us all the answers about the universe, when in reality there is still so much we do not know, and probably never will. Thanks for brining me back ‘to earth’ so to speak lol.

Thank you for great conversation; it was a pleasure for me.
Hope to hear your thoughts on my posts too.

With Peace,

Rationality said...

lol you're welcome.
Same here, it was enjoyable debate indeed:)
Insha'Allah that's for sure.

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