Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dissipate it!

Why I renounce my right in order to please and satisfy others permanently? Who is s/he to speak with me in disrespectful tone? I’m older and more erudite s/he can’t evaluate me. I’m their leader how dare they stand against me! I’m older and wiser; don’t judge me and just listen quietly.

Lately I’ve been immersed in previous questions and thoughts in order to understand the main reason behind deifying our super ego.
Obviously overbearing super ego is precisely what made the Middle East region earned the reputation of being notorious recently.
However, Super ego is what drove leaders “Tyrants” to shed their people’ blood no matter how many victims they kill.

It also invades our debates when we have different dogmatisms or when an advice has been afforded regardless of the way we render the advice (either in public or privately), many folks reject advice in purpose of satisfying their super ego. Although accepting the advice in civilized way is not really sign of vulnerability.

However, here, I don’t allege the perfection. I came across in order to highlight something that leads to destructive outcomes. I personally make the same mistake; who does not anyhow? It’s like there is a crude inner voice within me that does not always allow me to skip others’ mistakes repeatedly. That inner voice permeates in our thoughts successfully under many values and ideas which involves “dignity, respect, firmness and repetitive forgiveness etc”.
Yes, we do forgive but we do not forget; this is a fact about us sadly. In our lives some positions left dark scars that made us act differently.

However, that reminded me of the demon’s saga when he refused to kneel for our father Adam and how his super ego and arrogance blinded him and accordingly will throw him into abyss inevitably.

Sometimes I find our attitudes a concise copy of demons; I wonder how we allow such thoughts to make us such dwarfs and superficial.

Thus, nothing breaks off relationships and intimacy like super-ego. But is it always negative in your viewpoint? Do you think the superego is something realted to our nature? And is it one of the main reasons that ceased some presidents to step aside during uprisings? Eventually, how do you quell your super ego whenever it surpasses the line?

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Blue Pearl said...

Hala Sheikha!!!!! Welcome back. I was so excited to see your post and as usual a great relevant read.

You know when my ego is trying to climb up, I visualise myself as a loser and I stop myself.

"our roots are at our heart, start there"

love you tons

Blue Pearl said...

ps: love the new look

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Welcome back .

You are right .I can relate to this post so well.

Two awards for you .

Rationality said...

@ BP;
Thanks my dear. Glad you liked my post.
The world will be peaceful place if folks think and act the same way you do. :)
Sure, especially when the heart is pure like yours. ;)
Love you too.

Rationality said...

@ Izdiher;
Thanks my dear. It's common thing I guess!
Thanks a lot for the nice award. I really appreciate hon. :)
It's always a pleasure to see you around BP and Izider. :)

controlled chaos said...

I'm a bit confused. Isn't the superego the part that criticizes and keeps us on morals. The Id is the one that follows its own needs and selfish satisfactions.
Am I missing something?

Rationality said...

CC; The one you have described is the ego. Its always positive and leads us back to the right route whenever we start to be selfish. Superego when we think that we are always right and no one has the right to criticize us.
CC; glad to see you around. :)

Rationality said...

@ Controlled Chaos; see this link it said it all.
Thanks a lot.

Blue Pearl said...

I'm thinking of you and miss you!

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